Life & Death

02 September 2023/16h00/ Germany / Bonn

In a delicately balanced program, you together with B’Rock navigate between frisky joy and intense sorrow, between exuberant jollity and hushed consolation, between, well… life and death. Top Dutch mezzo Olivia Vermeulen excels in the most expressive arias from German and English baroque music. Not only father Bach, but just about every scion of the rich composer family is featured. From across the Channel, John Blow and Thomas Morley are represented, with moving excerpts from operas and funeral music. Grandmaster Purcell is not missing either, with the best passages from Dido & Aeneas.

And because B’Rock never stays in the comfort zone for too long, Kalle Kalima once again joins the ranks. The Finnish jazz guitarist – and his music – shone in the acclaimed Dido & Aeneas Remembered. From that groundbreaking opera production, Kalima brings some of his own works, which he complements with new compositions commissioned by B’Rock.
Life & Death

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