The Nightingale and the Emperor of China

17 April 2024/18h00/ France / Amilly

Concert organised in partnership with the AME

Cécile Hurbault: puppeteer
Florence Bolton and Benjamin Perrot: conductors
Florence Bolton: bass and viola da gamba
Benjamin Perrot: theorbo
Kôske Nozaki: flutes, flageolets and bird flageolets
The Nightingale and the Emperor, a chinoiserie written by someone who has never been to China, offers plenty of food for thought and provides an opportunity to hear the vanished instruments so dear to 18th-century birdwatchers and bird lovers, the bird flageolets. This tale also takes a contemporary look at the relationship between man and beast, at a time when biodiversity is under threat and birds are gradually disappearing from our soundscape.

Wednesday 17 April 2024 - 6pm
Amilly - Espace Jean Vilar
Information and bookings on 02-38-85-81-96
The Nightingale and the Emperor of China

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