Le Ray au Soleyl

From 22 July 2024 to 22 July 2024/ Italy / Urbino

Johannes Ciconia, a native Flemish composer, emigrated in Italy when he was twenty, and lived there until his death.
He is the first important Flemish composer to travel from north to south, absorbing all the elements of Italian Ars Nova and he could not avoid to mix them with his northern sensibility and learning, thus creating a model which will be followed by many European composers.
Ciconia’s music is indeed a sunbeam, a ray of light which continues to shine 650 years after his birth. His joyful and solemn motets, the melancholic lines of his songs, the clarity of the declamation and the fervor which sound off his Glorias and Credos belong to the highest rank of the musical art.
Le Ray au Soleyl

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