Harlequin's caravan

18 February 2024/17h00/ France / Amilly

Concert organised in partnership with the AME

Véronique Bourin: soprano
Camille Fritsch: mezzo-soprano
Hugues Primard: tenor
Almeno Gonçalves: tenor
Matthieu Le Levreur: baritone
Antoine Pluche: bass-baritone
Denis Raisin Dadre: flutes
Miguel Henry: lute, guitars
Cédric Piromalli : pianino, harpsichord
Joyous and irreverent, La Roulotte d'Arlequin speaks to our collective imagination of the itinerancy of theatre and opera troupes in the 16th and 20th centuries, as they travel from village to village to perform La Pazzia Senile, a madrigal comedy by Renaissance composer Adriano Banchieri. Through the popular Italian songs of the 1960s, the Dolce Vita, the rediscovery of commedia dell'arte and the Renaissance, it illustrates just how much Italian popular music, whether from 1560 or 1960, possesses the same immediate charm, the same energy and the same emotion!
On Saturday 17 February at 4.30pm, the ensemble Doulce Mémoire will be holding a discussion for the general public at the Espace Jean-Vilar. 

 Sunday 18 February 2024 - 5pm
Amilly - Espace Jean Vilar
Information and bookings on 02-38-85-81-96
Harlequin's caravan

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