La grande Partita

21 February 2023/ Italy / Padova

JADRAN DUNCUMB (baroque lute)

S.L. Weiss: Sonata 39 "La Grande Partita"
J.S. Bach: Preludio, Fuga e Allegro BWV 998 - Suite BWV 996
S.L. Weiss:Prélude e Passacaglia (from Sonata 18)

The program "recreates" the meeting between Weiss and Bach, which took place in Leipzig in 1739 when Weiss was Bach's guest.
It is handed down that in this meeting they played together and alone for hours and that they improvised fantasies and fugues, without however being able to choose who was the best: "there was extraordinary music making at the meeting" (Johann Elias Bach, personal secretary of Johann Sebastian Bach)
La grande Partita

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