Internship - L’ESCOLA N’EBLON

From 15 September 2023 to 16 December 2023/ France / Montpellier

Discover the Occitan lyrical courteous with Brice Duisit!

This training cycle will allow you to familiarize yourself and experience the art of Trobar. The courses are divided into two levels according to your previous experiences. Level 1 aims to understand the basics of troubadour art through the study of musical modes, the analysis of poetic forms and the musical structure of the poem, or the deciphering of manuscripts of simple pieces.
The second level is aimed at an audience with some knowledge of the music and poetry of the troubadours. It will allow participants to address the problems of musical notation, to detect errors in notations, to understand ornaments in modal music, and also to sing and set to music poems that have arrived without notation.

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Internship - L’ESCOLA N’EBLON

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