21 October 2023/ Italy / Trieste

Within the infinite and kaleidoscopic world of allegorical iconography, the monkey is one of the most curious, amusing and ambiguous presences. Once considered a grotesque and diabolical double of the human being, it was depicted as a cunning thief or musician, often with satirical intentions (famous is the print in which the music publisher Andrea Antico depicted his colleague and antagonist Ottaviano Petrucci as a monkey with a lute).
L'Aquilegia steals the concept of 'sonar con ogne sorta di strumenti' and, drawing inspiration from the instruments in the hands of the monkeys depicted in the miniatures (crembalum, lute, harp, cittern), offers a delightful musical journey from the late Middle Ages to the late Renaissance. The soundscape, as dense as the foliage of a forest, will reveal how musical our ancestors were, both artistic and... biological.

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