From 11 May 2023 to 11 May 2023/ Italy / Pavia

Pelle d'asino is an artist, and sees the world through poetry and music; a madrigal and absolute vision that amplifies her senses and weaknesses.
Pelle d'asino is a tramp. She has donkey skin on her, literally. She is hiding, she is repulsive. All her life she has tried to please everyone. The only way to assert what she is is to run away from home, to leave everything behind.
And we find her here, in an underground, mixing up the fairy tale with her memories and thoughts. She asks herself: what is life worth living for?

The show 'L'Accesa' speaks to us of women-stereotypes; of forgotten artists, passed over in silence; of the human need to relate to others, and to narrate.

Elisa Vitiello, actress
Marta Redaelli, soprano
Silvia Capobianco, contralto
Roberto Rilievi, tenor
Matteo Bellotto, bass
Gabriele Palomba, theorbo

In collaboration with the Fondazione Teatro Fraschini

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