L'Académie des Passions

From 19 August 2024 to 24 August 2024/ Switzerland / Bern

The academy in historically informed performance practice with teachers from the orchestra is aimed at instrumentalists: Younger, older and timeless amateurs, students and professionals.
Without fear of contact, we dive side by side into practical performance questions, whether in individual or chamber music lessons and at our orchestra as well.

In historic guild halls in the city of Bern.
Accompanying events:
Sat · 17.08.2024 · 5.00 pm
Teachers' concert, Orangerie Elfenau Bern

Thu · 22.08.2024 · 7.30 pm
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Benoît Laurent, Klingendes Museum Bern

Fri · 23.08.2024 · 7.30 pm
Participants' concert, Zunftsaal zu Pfistern Bern

Sat · 24.08.2024 · 5.00 pm
Final concert of the Académie Orchestra, Nydeggkirche Bern

L'Académie des Passions

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