Early Music Day | The Vermeil book of Montserrat

18 March 2023/20h30/ France / Tréguier

On March 18, let's meet at the Théâtre de l'Arche in Tréguier to celebrate early music together.
On the occasion of this exceptional concert, the Camera delle Lacrime invites on stage the Little Singers of the Maîtrise de Lannion. The Vermeil Book of Montserrat is a collection of songs and themes composed for pilgrims to the monastery of Montserrat, in Catalonia.
The content of the Vermeil Book is very diverse: popular songs, rhythms, refrains, themes to sing together and dance to... "A repertoire where the profane becomes more complex in contact with the scholar, where the codes of plain-song meet those ars nova, where rounds, virelais, goliards and courteous songs form a bouquet as sumptuous as it is unexpected. »
The joy that accompanied the pilgrims on their arrival at the monastery still shines through today in this festive and audacious concert.
Early Music Day | The Vermeil book of Montserrat


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