Jouissance vous donneray

26 May 2024/18h15/ Switzerland / Basel

A Flemish painting from around 1530 depicts a musical ensemble: transverse flute, lute and voice.

And if you look closely, you can make out the notes of the chanson “Jouissance vous donneray” by Claudin de Sermisy (c. 1490-1562), who set a poem by Clement Marot (c. 1496-1544) to music.

Sermisy is best known today for his highly refined chansons, most of which were printed in Paris by Pierre Attaignant between 1528 and 1533.
The chanson genre became extremely popular in Western Europe during the 16th century, as evidenced by numerous instrumental arrangements.

The dialogue between Sermisy’s chansons and Marot’s texts forms the core of the programme and represents a rich spectrum of human emotions.

Johanna Bartz – Renaissance traverso
Ryosuke Sakamoto – Renaissance lute, renaissance gamba
Ivo Haun voice – Renaissance lute, recitation; direction
Jouissance vous donneray

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