J.S.Bach's harpsichord concertos

17 January 2023/ Italy / Padova

L'ARTE DELL'ARCO baroque ensemble
FEDERICO GUGLIELMO maestro di concerto, violin
J.S.Bach: Concerto BWV 1055
J.B.Bach: Ouverture n. 1 "con violino concertato"
J.S.Bach: Concerto BWV 1056
W.F.Bach: Ouverture g minor (former J.S.Bach BWV 1070)
J.S.Bach: Concerto BWV 1058

"performance of all keyboard concertos of J.S. Bach (2nd concert)"

In 1729 J.S.Bach took over the management of the Collegium Musicum, founded in Leipzig by Telemann in 1702. A management which lasted until 1741. The Collegium Musicum played once a week at Café Zimmermann and for these concerts Bach prepared a repertoire to which the 7 harpsichord concertos also belong.
J.S.Bach's harpsichord concertos

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