Il Canto Nobile

From 04 August 2023 to 04 August 2023/ France / Simiane-la-Rotonde

Jacopo Peri and Sigismondo d'India | Concerto Soave

Recitative monody (nuove musiche), the new genre that emerged at the turn of the 17th century, accompanied every moment in the life of Italian princely society. Halfway between poetry and music, this art of refinement consists of a sung monodic musical line over which a harmonic musical accompaniment is placed. Two artists in particular distinguished themselves in this exercise: Jacopo Peri and Sigismondo d'India. Both courtiers and composers, they spread this new musical genre throughout Italy. With this opus, Concerto Soave takes us on an extraordinary journey through the Italian nobility of the 17th century.
Il Canto Nobile

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