Ich Habe Genug, BWV 82 - Bach and the feeling of death

31 August 2024/18h00/ Italy / Polcenigo

Cenacolo Musicale

Patrizio La Placa (Baritone)
Gregorio Carraro, oboe
Gabriele Politi, Iben Bogvad Kejser, violin
Pietro Meldolesi, viola
Cristina Vidoni, cello
Mauro Zavagno, violone
Donatella Busetto, organ
The theme of Death is not at all new for Baroque composers - and Bach is particularly fascinated by it, in fact many other compositions bear the trace of this reference - but in Bach it takes on a distinctive expressiveness, which goes beyond the fixed framework of conventions that regulate the expression of Affects in an objective and detached manner.From the web of formalities Bach manages to reveal an intimate, personal participation in the feeling of death, so profoundly human, so intensely experienced, so humanly shared, as to exalt its most universal nature, an object of reflection that transcends eras and civilizations.
Ich Habe Genug, BWV 82 - Bach and the feeling of death


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