Heinrich Schütz Musikfest

From 06 October 2023 to 15 October 2023/ Germany / Dresden, Weißenfels, Bad Köstritz

The Heinrich Schütz Music Festival is held under the motto Klang.Welt.Wissen (Sound.World.Knowledge) and asks questions about knowledge of the world, about human responsibility and conscience, about our constitution in the face of the challenges and dangers of the present. In the search for answers, the 17th century, so rich in upheavals and reorientations, can be a mirror whose reflection can help us to gain insights and knowledge.
So let's discover together the knowledge of the world captured in sound in the works of Heinrich Schütz and his contemporaries! Artist in Residence is Hamburger Ratsmusik under the direction of Simone Eckert.
Heinrich Schütz Musikfest

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