Giosquino: Josquin Desprez in Italy

04 April 2023/ Italy / Padova

"I galli cantano" (gauls sing) was an italian expression for the french-flemish composers active in Italy during the Renaissance. Josquin Despres, Giosquino for the italians, was his symbol. Odhecaton traces the italian Josquin's itinerary with sacred music and secular pages: frottole and chansons of hilar and melancholic atmosphere, at the Auditorium Pollini.

ODHECATON vocal ensemble
directed by PAOLO DA COL

Josquin Desprez
Missa "Hercules Dux Ferrariae"
In te Domine speravi
Tu solus qui facis mirabilia
Frottole e Chansons (Mille regretz, Petite Camusette, Je ne me puis tenir d'aimer, El grillo, Scaramella)
O Virgo prudentissima
Giosquino: Josquin Desprez in Italy

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