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From 02 May 2024 to 04 May 2024/ Switzerland / Bern and Solothurn

"Follow me", or "I am Salomon from London, and I have come to fetch you". With these words, the impresario Johann Peter Salomon is said to have persuaded the 58-year-old Joseph Haydn to leave Vienna for England twice. If in Haydn's case a person actually knocked on his door and persuaded him to travel, today we are familiar with the art of "influencing" on social media: Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram... The art of seduction, influencing others is the means of gaining followers and achieving success.
JOSEPH HAYDN (1732 - 1809)
London Symphonies (arr. Johann Peter Salomon; 1745 - 1815)
Symphony No. 97 in C major and
No. 101 (The Clock) in D major

Musicians: Meret Lüthi (violin and conductor), Sabine Stoffer (violin), Javier López Sanz (viola), Alexandre Foster (violoncello), Barbara Fischer (violone), Anne Parisot (flute)

Guest: Dr Sarah Genner (digital expert)
#follow me

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