Entre la rosa et le jasmin

26 September 2024/21h00/ Italy / Pordenone

Francoise Atlan: vocals, percussion
Peppe Frana: Ud, Lavta, percussion
The concert aims to explore the vast repertoire of songs in Ladin attributable to the Sephardic communities present in the large urban centers of the eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, in particular Istanbul and Thessaloniki. If the texts of these songs immediately reveal the reference to literary tropes of some repertoires of the Iberian peninsula, at the same time the melodies that have come down to us can be perfectly inscribed in the musical styles of the places of arrival of the Diaspora, presenting in particular a close melodic kinship to the Makam (system modal) Ottoman and the frequent use of odd rhythmic cycles typical of the area of influence of the Empire.
Entre la rosa et le jasmin


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