elbwærts: Dresden - Hamburg

From 07 June 2024 to 08 June 2024/ Germany / Hamburg

The Elbe as a cultural axis between south and north, between east and west: Heinrich Schütz travelled this route twice in order to fulfil engagements at the Danish court. His route took him via Hamburg and he travelled onwards in the company of the Hamburg council musician Johann Schop. 
His compositional proximity to Schütz reveals the close relationship that the two may have forged on their tour together. His Erster Theil geistlicher Concerten enjoyed great popularity and was printed in two editions in 1643 and 1644. The compositions' word-sound relationship and the varied scoring with works for solo voices and even double choir pieces reveal the influence of his older colleague Schütz.
Ælbgut & Hamburger Ratsmusik 
07.06.2024, 8 pm, Hamburg-Nienstedten, Kirche, Elbchaussee 410 
08.06.2024, 6 pm, Wedel-Schulau, Christuskirche, Feldstraße 32 
elbwærts: Dresden - Hamburg


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