Dietrich Becker’s 400th Birthday

21 September 2023/ Germany / Hamburg

Dietrich Becker, director of the Hamburg Ratsmusik, belongs to the important North German composers of the 17th century with his chamber music and his Sacred Concertos. As music director of the city of Hamburg he was G.P. Telemann's predecessor, His collection “Musicalische Frühlings=Früchte”, printed in Hamburg in 1668, was distributed in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and England. The program will be supplemented with works by Johann Theile, Dieterich Buxtehude, Johann Schop, Matthias Weckmann and Johann Adam Reincken.
Lisa Florentine Schmalz, soprano & Hamburger Ratsmusik
on original instruments by Joachim Tielke (Hamburg 1685) and Carl Conrad Fleischer (Hamburg 1716)
Dietrich Becker’s 400th Birthday

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