David et Jonathas • Charpentier

From 18 March 2024 to 19 March 2024/ France / Paris

How can the madness of a single man lead to the greatest slaughter? What about the innocent sacrificed on the altar of tyrants thirsting for conquest and power? 

Three hundred years after its creation, Marc-Antoine Charpentier's opera retains its propensity to denounce the horrors of war. Jean Bellorini goes beyond the original plot - the friendship between David and Jonathas undermined by a fratricidal war, with David having to fight Jonathas' father Saul - to question power by focusing on the figure of King Saul, devastated by the death of his son and overwhelmed by his own murderous acts.
On stage, he invites the humble folk decimated by war to join him in a motley, motley procession. The echoes of the religious, political and ethnic conflicts that are still setting the world ablaze. In collaboration with writer Wilfried N'Sondé, Jean Bellorini revives the work's atypical hybrid character, halfway between theater and opera. As for Sébastien Daucé, he returns to his favorite composer, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, whose expressive power he knows how to magnify. Convinced by the modernity of the Baroque repertoire, the trio brings out all the emotional intensity of the work.
David et Jonathas • Charpentier

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