Continental Connection

24 March 2024/18h15/ Switzerland / Basel

Robert Dow's beautiful set of 5 partbooks is a treasure trove for lovers of Byrd, White and Tallis. But did you know that these books also contain other musical treasures from the 1580s that were written abroad? They were brought to England, passed from hand to hand, and carefully entered into personal music collections. Apparently, the music of Philip van Wilder, Alfonso Ferrabosco and Orlando di Lasso must have appealed to Mr. Dow, who collected and preserved their songs along with those of their English counterparts. Trace the journey of the repertoire and discover the influence of foreign musicians at the English court and the music they brought with them. 
Brigitte Gasser, Tabea Schwartz - Renaissancegambe
Giovanna Baviera – Renaissancegambe, Gesang
Caroline Ritchie - Renaissancegambe, Leitung
Continental Connection

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