Concert: Eduardo Paniagua

15 June 2024/21h30/ Spain / Valencia

9:30 p.m. - Talk/interview with the artist. By: Ángela García-Villanueva
10:30 p.m. - Concert: LA ALMOINA DE VALENCIA | Mystic, love and war songs

Alcazar is a Spanish term of Arabic origin (al qasr), in turn from the Latin (castrum), to designate a castle or fortified palace. The Andalusian alcazars, Muslim royal residences where music and poetry flourished, were later rebuilt for the same purposes by the Christian kings. The almunia is the building around the citadel of the city for solace, recreation and agricultural use.
Every ancient city has its alcazar and these have inspired this selection of Spanish historical music. This program is a cultural tribute to the Hispanic Alcazars, light of the cultures and spaces where the best music of their time was created.

Eduardo Paniagua, qanún (psaltery), flutes, tambourine and singing.
César Carazo, singing and fidula
Wafir Sheik, singing and Arabic oud
Concert: Eduardo Paniagua

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