Concert: Capella de Ministrers

16 June 2024/20h00/ Spain / Valencia

9:30 p.m. - Talk/interview with the artist. By: Ángela García-Villanueva
10:30 p.m. - Concert: METAMORPHOSIS | Heartless Sound

The Metamorphoses is a narrative poem in epic verse and as such, with respect to the practical execution in the Hellenistic-Roman era, reflects part of the musical practice and understanding of Antiquity. In Kafka's version it is configured as an allegory of man's confrontation with a modern world that oppresses and erases him. The construction of sound from musical instruments served Ovid for the exaltation of the gods, songs of muses, pleas and prayers, dance music or even the monstrous, with the melodies of Cyclops. Wails of lovers or swan songs set on the zither that sings their cosmic pain and the magical effects of music. The sonorous mutation of the object to the sound is represented in this concert with repertoire of the XVth century around the vihuela of bow and musics that allude to the new life that takes by that time the Greco-Latin culture.

Carles Magraner, viola 
Fernando Marín, viola
Jordi Comellas, viola
Ignasi Jordà, claviciterium
Concert: Capella de Ministrers

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