Concert Ali Doğan Gönültas

11 April 2024/19h30/ Spain / Valencia

Ali was born in Kiğı in Eastern Anatolia, now the province of Bingöl, culturally included in the historical region of Dersim. In his work, the musical tradition associated with Alevism has a special place. According to him, 'in Alevism, knowledge is transmitted through folk songs sung by the dede, the zakir, and the ashik. Hundreds of years of folk songs have come down to our days thanks to them". The central rite of Alevism is the cem, a communal gathering in which men and women together settle disputes, and perform music and dance. The aşık is the bard who sings oral poetry. The dede (or the ana, in its female counterpart) is a member of a sacred Alevi lineage and leader of the cem ritual. The zakir plays the bağlama and sings during the cem. At the concert, Ali and his collaborators will perform pieces from the Alevi tradition and other music from their region.

Músiques Religioses del Món is a cycle of concerts for the enjoyment of religious music from all cultures, regardless of the beliefs and ideas of each spectator. A space for reflection on questions that are rarely addressed in secular society and that we find in practically all religions, such as death, forgiveness, eternity, the soul, and goodness.
Concert Ali Doğan Gönültas

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