Concert A Filetta

06 April 2024/19h30/ Spain / Valencia

Amen (Amanah) finds its origin in the Torah; this word which is a common answer to a prayer, a command but also a blessing meaning "So be it" refers to faith, commitment, truth, and a promise of eternity.

In this repertoire of sacred chants, A Filetta gives a cappella performances of polyphonies that have punctuated the religious life of the island since time immemorial. From archaic chants from the oral tradition to contemporary creations, the singers highlight a memory of hope that reminds us that our human condition remains in our capacity to rise beyond the darkness...

Músiques Religioses del Món is a cycle of concerts for the enjoyment of religious music from all cultures, regardless of the beliefs and ideas of each spectator. A space for reflection on questions that are rarely addressed in secular society and that we find in practically all religions, such as death, forgiveness, eternity, the soul, and goodness.
Concert A Filetta

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