Blue Heron @ Laus Polyphoniae

From 19 August 2023 to 21 August 2023/ Belgium / Antwerp

This summer, you can enjoy the expressive intensity of the American vocal ensemble Blue Heron during two concerts at Laus Polyphoniae in Antwerp. The first concert connects 15th century England to the continent in music, with the 'Missa Caput' of Johannes Ockeghem and songs and motets by other English composers such as Walter Frye and Robert Morton.
In their second concert they present a fine selection of French chansons from the anthology 'Le Rossignol Musical des Chansons', and more specific: music of composers who worked in Antwerp, such as the brilliant but largely unknown Andreas Pevernage. Welcome in Antwerp! 
Blue Heron @ Laus Polyphoniae

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