Béatrice MARTIN and Christophe COIN

19 March 2023/ France / Amilly

Concert J.S. Bach /

Béatrice Martin: harpsichord
Christophe Coin: viola da gamba

The three sonatas (BWV 1027 to 1029) performed in this J.S. Bach programme highlight this period in the composer's life. While the first two retain the four-movement cut of the church sonata, the third opts for the three-movement structure of the chamber sonata and calls for astonishing similarities in its first movement with that of the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 for string orchestra.

Under the virtuoso interpretation of Béatrice Martin on harpsichord and Christophe Coin on viola da gamba, the incredible sense of balance, the prodigious richness of the writing and the great variety of moods so characteristic of Bach's genius (whose 338th birthday is on 21 March) blossom.

Sunday 19 March 2023 - 6 pm
Amilly - Saint-Martin Church

Information and reservations at 02-38-85-81-96 
Béatrice MARTIN and Christophe COIN

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