BarokkiKuopio Early Music Festival 2024

Finland / Kuopio

In 2024 sparks are sure to fly in BarokkiKuopio with the festival theme of electricity / glamour!

The program, designed by the festival's artistic director Matias Häkkinen, is filled with vibrant baroque music, electrifying improvisations, inner glow and lightning-fast reactions. What kind of impulses can be sent between the musicians on stage? What kind of energy flows from the stage to the audience and back? Why is there glitter everywhere?
In addition to traditional early music with period instruments we're introducing a brand new electro-acoustic clavichord by harpsichordist and acoustics wizard Jonte Knif, and the European premiere of Sing Nature Alive From My Insides, written to soprano and pianist Rachel Fenlon by composer Matthias McIntire. The festival finishes with a radiant concert of Rameau's and Händel's opera music, performed by Rachel Fenlon & BarokkiKuopio's orchestra-in-residence Ensemble Nylandia led by Matias Häkkinen.
BarokkiKuopio Early Music Festival 2024


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