ARSA VULGARIS - El Nuevo Mundo

12 October 2023/21h00/ Italy / Ex Convento San Francesco - Pordenone

The Spanish-American Baroque

A new production of the Ensemble CENACOLO MUSICALE, in collaboration with Spanish, French and Italian musicians, focused on the Hispano-American baroque repertoire.

An Ensemble created for the occasion blends the experiences of musicians from various backgrounds and musical backgrounds, all to the advantage of an enthralling mix of artistic expressiveness. Musicological study and research and the consequent reworking of a unique and infrequent repertoire form the plateau for this particular listening occasion.

Co-production Cenacolo Musicale
Francesca Biliotti, Contralto
Robindro Nikolic – chalumeau
Clara Pouvreau – violoncello
Donatella Busetto – organo portativo/cembalo
Francesco Savoretti – percussioni
Alvise Seggi – contrabasso & oud

ARSA VULGARIS - El Nuevo Mundo


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