17 November 2023/21h00/ Italy / Teatro Miela - Trieste

BAROCCO EUROPEO Production – Orchestra of the Musical Cenacolo
The project involves the staging of the ACI Baroque Opera, GALATEA AND POLIFEMO by G.F. Handel. 
The musical ensemble includes a cast of three singers, chosen by a jury of the Vocal Competition, made up of top-level professionals in the field of vocality, orchestral conducting, Theater Superintendents, editors of specialized magazines, and record companies. The orchestra will be composed of 22/23 specialist instrumentalists of the Baroque repertoire of the regional and Italian panorama. The director will be Riccardo Doni, founder of the Accademia dell'Annunciata in Milan. 

The direction will be curated by Director Cesare Scarton. Scenography and costumes will be created by the students of the School of Scenography and Costume of NABA - New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, under the guidance of their teachers Giacomo Andrico, Francesca Pedrotti, Francesca Guarnone.To complete the initiative, the THEATER LAB dedicated to the primary school classes of the IC Balliana in Fontanafredda will be created. The project is part of the propositional lines of the LABORATORY FOR BAROQUE OPERA which stands in the region as the ONLY example of a cultural and musical institution focused on the diffusion, among the non-specialised public, of the musical genre of the Baroque Opera, giving the LABORATORY a particular distinction in the regional context, with the aim of conveying the genre of early music in the most captivating way possible.

The executive team necessary for this staging offers job opportunities to a particularly significant quantity and quality of professionalism and workers (baroque orchestra of 22/23 musicians, 3 singers, conductor, stage director, set designers, costume designers, mimes, theatre technicians, audio-lighting technicians, assembly/disassembly technicians, audio-video recording technicians, etc.) contributing to the hiring and work of multiple professional figures linked to the world of entertainment and the Opera who confer to the project the characteristic of promoting the return to work in the live entertainment sector.

The vocal cast will be formed through the Vocal Competition organized specifically for the staging of the Opera.
Created by Donatella Busetto
Directed by Cesare Scarton
Condictor Riccardo Doni
Vocal and stylistic preparation Sara Mingardo
Cenacolo Musicale Orchestra

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