A LITTLE CHAT WITH... Renato Cadel and Matteo Magistrali

From 06 May 2024 to 06 May 2024/ Italy / Pavia

Are Gregorian Chant and Polyphony two separate worlds?
At first listening, the simplicity of liturgical monody seems to be the opposite of the polyphonic combination of voices. However, in reality, many aspects, both historical and aesthetic, hold these two pillars of sacred music together.
Indeed, Gregorian chant is a millenary tradition that, from age to age, has resounded under the vaults of churches. Its continuous and renewed presence has inspired generations of composers, who have been enchanted by the beauty of its melodies.
How have polyphony and Gregorian chant related over the centuries? And above all, is this dialogue also possible in contemporary music?
We discuss this with Renato Cadel ( conductor of the Schola Gregoriana Ghislieri) and the composer Matteo Magistrali, the protagonists of a new and evocative project for the Pavia Barocca season.
A  LITTLE CHAT WITH... Renato Cadel and Matteo Magistrali

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