23rd International Bach chamber music festival

From 04 November 2023 to 02 December 2023/ Latvia / Riga

The International Bach Chamber Music Festival is focused on the intimate, the soulful, and the personal. It manifests the producers' desire to reveal Bach from the "quiet side" and shows that the relatively few sounds in a chamber music score can say just as much in the way of fundamental ideas, thoughts and content as Bach's major vocal and symphonic compositions.
The concept of the Festival strives to embrace a wealth of aesthetic, cultural and historical values. The concerts are always held in the venues which are entirely appropriate for them - historical buildings of Old Rīga: Great Guild Hall, Small Guild Hall, Art Museaum Riga Bourse, Museaum of Riga History and Navigation, St. John's Church, Riga Dome Cathedral.
23rd International Bach chamber music festival


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