Pontoise Baroque Festival

Pontoise Baroque Festival
The anniversaries of Schütz, Destouches, Gaultier, Vaughan Williams and Byrd, composers who were disciples or masters of their peers, inspire the new theme: Heritage.

Biological or spiritual affiliations, families, artistic currents and transmission, from 30 September 2022 to 17 June 2023, the Pontoise Baroque Festival will explore all the generational links that unite today's creators and performers in the living arts: Music (ancient, classical, romantic, traditional, jazz), dance, cinema and theatre.

And you Il Caravaggio, Clare Hammond, La Camera delle Lacrime, the Queen's Flying Squadron, Kenneth Weiss, Cappella Mediterranea, Il Groviglio, I Gemelli, Les Arts Florissants, E.Haïm, Aedes, Les Traversées Baroques, the Kapsber'Girls, I Giardini, La Rêveuse, S.Daucé, Leviathan, Canticum Novum, who do you think you are heir to?

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