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May 02, 2019

Pro Capella Regis - To His Majesty's Chapel

10 May 2019

Venue: Chapel of the Jesuits, Saint-Omer (Season of Barcarolle)

Under the direction of Olivier Schneebeli, the Pages & the Chanters of the CMBV and the ensemble La Rêveuse will resound, in the Chapel of the Jesuits of Saint-Omer, four motets composed for the Royal Chapels of Louis XIV and Charles II of France. England.

Program created in 2017 at the Royal Chapel of the Palace of Versailles, following a research seminar of the CMBV and the Royaumont Foundation, it offers a fascinating mirroring of the sacred masterpieces composed of parts and other of the Channel.


Ensemble La Rêveuse (Benjamin Perrot and Florence Bolton, artistic direction)
The Pages & the Chanters of the Baroque Music Center of Versailles
Direction, Olivier Schneebeli

1h30 with intermission

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