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Feb 03, 2019

Couperin entre les lignes

25 February 2019

This show is a musical and theatrical evocation of the world of François Couperin (1668-1733), musician of the King and mysterious musician, in whom, in unison with the famous sentence of Bachelard, the outside show helps to unfold an intimate grandeur . Music and text, first cousins in rhythm and declamation, answer each other, are superimposed, interrupt each other, play with each other's forms, and walk together: "One can venture to say that in many things music (compared to poetry) has its prose, and its verses "(The art of touching the harpsichord of François Couperin) gleaned in the four books of the pieces of harpsichord, portraits and dances come to echo the humor, the nobility and the grace of the composer. Texts said in modern pronunciation or restored

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