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Oct 07, 2021


From 1 October 2021

In 2021-2022, Festival Baroque de Pontoise celebrates the 500th anniversary of Josquin Desprez, who signed a few dozens of pieces he didn't actually write; the 350th anniversary of Albinoni, who owes his worldwide fame to an adagio he did not write; and the 100th anniversary of Saint Saëns, a Rameau enthusiastic who makes a liar of anyone thinking that the Baroque Movement started in the 1960s.
Lies, hoaxes or mere mistakes, transcriptions, reorchestrations, and the biggest lie ever, the lie of the impossibility to mix genres, styles and fields, are featured in the programme of Festival Baroque de Pontoise's upcoming season.
Les Arts Florissants, Pierre Hantaï, Ensemble Clément Janequin, I Gemelli and Emiliano Gonzales Toro, La Diane Française and Thomas Dollié, Gli Angeli Genève, Le Poème Harmonique andVincent Dumestre, and many others, will present their own side of the truth.