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Oct 07, 2021

OVNI Baroque

Music reSounds again under the vault and among the works of art of the church of San Teonisto in Treviso.
The eighth concert season of Ancient Music in Casa Cozzi will resume on Sunday 10 October, promoted by the Benetton Studi Ricerche Foundation and the almamusica433 association, under the artistic direction of Stefano Trevisi.

The title of the season, “Come il mare”, is inspired by the sonnet La Musique by Charles Baudelaire, which marks the two hundred years since his birth.

Emmanuelle Dauvin will open the season by bringing back to the present day an ancient and unprecedented practice of the eighteenth century, accompanying herself with the organ pedal while she interprets pages for violin and bass.
Emmanuelle Dauvin will move between historical research and modernity in a concert that will feature music by Bach, Biber, Telemann and von Westhoff.


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