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Oct 02, 2020

Musica Antica in Casa Cozzi: 2 concerts in October

17 & 30 October 2020 

Musica Antica in Casa Cozzi is organising two concerts during the month of October.

Saturday 17 October

The Aspern Papers is the famous novel written in 1888 by the American author Henry James. The novel is set in a late XIX cent Venice and it is the frame within which the concert will take place. The concert will be a journey throught chamber music repertoire by composers who visited la Serenissima and got inspired by its unique atmosphere. A journey from the popular canzoni da battello songs to the important pages of history of music, where the lights and shadows of Venice are a map into a dream.
Francesca Paola Geretto, soprano Stefano Trevisi, piano

Musica Antica in Casa Cozzi

Friday 30 October

The last concert of Musica Antica in Casa Cozzi 2020 is dedicated to the Apografo Miscellaneo Marciano manuscript, a rare witness of XV century Venetian music, who’s kept in Marciana Library. The tales, the masks and the characters of Venetian popular culture are the leading role of a concert in which the music will be deeply connected with early dance. Anonima Frottolisti, music Tripudiantes Dovarensis, early dance