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Juin 2022
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Friday 17 Juin 2022

  • CN

    17 June 2022, 21h
    “Bello Tiempo Passato” – Il primo intermezzo comico
    Parco Borbonico del Fusaro - Ostrichina- Bacoli (Na),  Italy

    In the History of the Opera, the chapter regarding the comic intermezzi generally begins with the Venetian theatres of the early XVIII Century, where it began systematic the presence of a couple of comic singers, whose parts, taken from the main plot of an opera seria, amused the public between the acts of an opera. The Intermezzo is inserted in the manuscript of the opera Il Disperato innocente, dated 1673, by the less known composer Antonio Berio. So it could be the most ancient comic Neapolitan intermezzo and probably one of the most ancient known for the repertoire of the musical theatre in that period.

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