Mozart ~ Great Mass in C minor

From 03 May 2024 to 03 May 2024/ France / Tourcoing

While his wife Constance is sick, Mozart decides in 1782 to compose what will become a monument of the sacred music, and also one of Mozart's major pieces, that is today revisited by Les Ambassadeurs ~ La Grande Ecurie

Although left unfinished, the Great Mass in C minor displays a rare power of expression, combining arias and duets in the Italian style with memories of Bach and Haendel in striking choral sequences, but, above all, the dramatic and human depth, the anguish and the light that announce the Requiem or The Magic Flute. In the first half, Alexis Kossenko swaps the baton for the flute and leads the orchestra in a sparkling, lyrical dialogue : the concerto in D major is a veritable little opera for the instruments.
Mozart ~ Great Mass in C minor


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