De l’Irlande à la Roumanie en passant par la Finlande ou le Portugal, découvrez
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Novembre 2019
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Saturday 30 Novembre 2019

  • 091130 Les Talens Lyriques formation vermeesch Eric Larrayadieu.jpg

    Arsenal de Metz - Fr

    sam 30 nov - 20h
    Magnificat[s] de Bach
    Les Talens Lyriques, Wiener Kammerchor

    L’ensemble Les Talens Lyriques invite ici le public à un jeu de miroirs entre le Magnificat selon Jean-Sébastien Bach et Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, père et fils.

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  • Maītrise_Notre_Dame_de_Paris_Choeur_d_adultes_BD奇Leonard_de_Serres.jpg

    Abbaye aux Dames – Saintes [FR]
    Samedi 30 novembre - 20h30 / Abbatiale
    Concert du Jeune Orchestre de l’Abbaye, Jeune Chœur de paris, Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris

    Raphaël Pichon, direction
    Jeanine de Bique, soprano
    Edwin Fardini, baryton
    Henri Chalet, Marc Korovitch, chefs de chœur
    Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris, Chœur d’adultes
    jeune chœur de paris
    Jeune Orchestre de l'Abbaye
    Programme : Brahms Un requiem allemand opus 45

  • Ubeda.jpg
    23 November to 8 December 2019

    GLOBAL ITALY. From the Iberian Peninsula to the New World 
    Úbeda and Baeza, Jaén, Spain

    During the Modern period, the continuous circulation of Italian musicians and their arrival to all the corners of the world (including Latin America and the Philippines, via the Iberian Peninsula) resulted in a globalization of the so-called “Galant” style, considered to be synonymous with modernity and sophistication. The FeMAUB 2019 includes a series of concerts which are representative of the transnational connection of Italy to the Iberian Peninsula and the New World, as well as a conference devoted to Ignacio Jerusalem y Stella (1707-1769), a Neapolitan composer who is commemorated on the 250th anniversary of his death.

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  • Afisa Bach2019

    5 November to 1 December 2019 

    Bach Chamber Music Festival

    Riga, Latvia

    The International Bach Chamber Music Festival is focused on the intimate, the soulful, the personal. It manifests the producers' desire to reveal Bach from the "quiet side" and show that the relatively few sounds in a chamber music score can say just as much in the way of fundamental ideas, thoughts and content as Bach's major vocal and symphonic compositions.

    The concept of the Festival strives to embrace a wealth of aesthetic, cultural and historical values. For one thing, audiences at the festival hear seldom performed interpretations of Bach's chamber music, including the compositions that were produced by the great artist's sons and contemporaries, as well as the music inspired by Bach's personality. The festival is also a cradle for new music - each year there are new works commissioned especially for the festival.

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