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FESTIVAL MusicAntica 2019 -It

TRAME E PROPORZIONI- 31 August 20h30 - San Francesco, Pordenone

FIGLIO D’ALTE SPERANZE - Tribute to Handel

When Handel arrived in Italy, to perfect his musical knowledge, he wrote about a hundred and fifty cantatas in Rome. It was commissioned by two aristocratic prelates, Benedetto Pamphili and Pietro Ottoboni, and above all the Marquis Francesco Ruspoli, a patron with whom Händel stayed for three long periods (May-October 1707, February-May 1708, July-November 1708) with the main task of providing a new cantata weekly, to be performed on a Sunday; this will constitute for the composer a school of improvement which will lead him to write theatrical works of unparalleled beauty.

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