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October 2021
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Sunday 24 October 2021

  • CRMF logo 2021

    23 September to 28 November 2021
    Joins the international celebration of JOSQUIN in commemoration of his 500 years death anniversary. The festival runs September 23 - November 28 and presents five high profile concerts by The Danish Radio Vocal Ensemble & Peter Phillips, vocal ensemble Musica Ficta & Bo Holten, vocal ensemble Musica Caelestis, Copenhagen, Dulces Exuviae with Bor Zuljan and Romain Bockler; and finally Armonía Concertada with María Cristina Kiehr, soprano, Ariel Abramovich, vihuela, Jonatan Alvarado, tenor.
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  • Festesbaroques

    18-bis édition Festes Baroques en Terre des Graves et du Sauternais

    5 June to 8 July 2021

    Terre des Graves and Sauternais, France

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European Day of Early Music - 7th Edition

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