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August 2020
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Friday 21 August 2020

  • Sevicq

    8 to 22 August 2020

    Seviqc Brežice Festival


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  • Arc la bataille

    17 to 25 August 2020
    Arques-la-Bataille, France

    Festival - Académie Bach

    The festival will take place from 17 to 25 August, with one concert per day in the beautiful church of Arques-la-Bataille.

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  • Capture decran 2020 08 14 a 11.36.58

    14 to 29 August 2020
    Festival de Sablé
    Sablé-sur-Sarthe, France

    Three concerts, a dance recital and an interactive tour of a Baroque caravan will punctuate the month of August in Sablé-sur-Sarthe. Despite the cancellation of the Festival de Sablé, the team of Entracte association has been mobilized to offer an entirely free programme of Baroque music. The objective is to regain contact with the audience in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, outdoors in the Cour Gambetta, with a few concerts initially scheduled at the Festival.

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  • laus

    21 to 30 August 2020

    online / Antwerp, Belgium

    Polyphony Connects is the festival and virtual platform of AMUZ that brings together music from different centuries in the form of both archival recordings and live events.

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  • Collegium Musicum Classence

    23 July to 3 September

    Festival I Luoghi dello Spirito e del Tempo [IT]


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  • Collegium

    23 July to 9 September 2020

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Summer Festivities of Early Music
    The last two concerts of this year's Early Music Summer Festival feature Polish and German performers. The concert named Gallant Conversations will be performed by Polish virtuosos Anna Firlus (harpsichord) and Krzysztof Firlus (viola da gamba) who will bring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach together with the music of Christian Podbielski, Maciej Kamieński and Carl Friedrich Abel. The excellent German ensemble NeoBarock will close the festival with the concert entitled Pallas nordica which will offer up well-known masters including Alessandro Scarlatti, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer and Arcangelo Corelli.

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  • Valenciennes min
    21 to 23 August 2020

    Valenciennes region, France

    This architectural jewel of the Valenciennes region (Hauts de France) will host the 3rd edition of a warm and intimate festival - music, dance, literature, baroque theater - with Lucile Richardot, Jean-Luc Ho, Julien Martin, the Théâtre-Molière-Sorbonne , Harmonia Sacra ensemble (organiser of this festival), Scherzi Musicali and many others. In the castle and its park located in the middle of the forest, open specially for this event, 3 days out of time are awaiting the "happy few" (90 seats in the rotonda!) ...

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European Day of Early Music - 7th Edition

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