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Tuesday 06 August 2019

  • chantal
    11 July to 6 August 2019 [CZ - Prague]

    The Summer Festivities of Early Music celebrate its 20th anniversary! Between 11 July and 6 August the Prague festival will offer eight exclusive programme vin which it will celebrate two decades of its existence. The festival opens with a project appropriately entitled Jubilate Deo. On 11 July,  the joint ensembles Instrumenta Musica from Dresden and Cappella Mariana from Prague will present a programme of celebratory music of Venetian and Saxon churches from the 16th and 17th century. The concert takes place at the Sts Simon and Jude Church. This year's programming reveals several forms of musical festivities from various historical periods. Dance, an integral part of many celebrations, will play an important role in several of the festival events. A spectacular conclusion to the anniversary festival edition will be  A Night for the King, a performance with music and dance which takes place on 6 August at the Prague Rudolfinum. Tickets for all festival events will be available as of 11 April 2019.
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  • brq vantaa black
    5 to 11 August 2019 [FI]


    The BRQ Vantaa Festival now to be held for the tenth time on August 5–11, 2019 will take place in the medieval Church of St Lawrence and its magnificent new chapel. The surrounding village is a unique setting for a music festival; history, stretching right back to the early Middle Ages, beautifully links up with the present day both in the milieu and the festival repertoire. The Festival’s Artistic Director Markku Luolajan-Mikkola succeeds in creating captivating programmes from year to year, and in bringing members of the early-music elite to Finland.

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  • unnamed

    4 August 2019

    Care luci del mio bene - Bononcini VS Handel- Cenacolo Musicale (It)

    Let's recreate the musical atmosphere of the eighteenth century in London and read the evening's program as a reconstruction of a musical duel between Bononcini and Handel, an opportunity to compare the expressive figures of the two composers who faced (and often imitated) in London of the first quarter of the eighteenth century. 

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  • Capture decran 2019 06 26 a 13.52.48

    Summer festivities of Early Music-CZE
    A French Baroque Story of Love in Music and Dance
    6 August 2019- Rudolfinum, Dvořák Hall, Prague

    The final concert of the 20th Summer Festivities of Early Music will be an homage to French Baroque opera with its masterly amalgamation of music and dance. A Night for the King narrates a story of two lovers, performed by Katherine Watson and Reinoud Van Mechelen. The protagonists wander through fantastic lands whose inhabitants –represented by solo dancers Anna Chirescu and Artur Zakirov – gloss on the fate of the vocalists. Every bite of this delicious music is lovingly prepared by Collegium Marianum and its artistic director Jana Semerádová, every step is carefully designed by the famous choreographer Natalie van Parys.

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  • c Nathanael MerguiMarc Pellerin

    International Early Music festival
    Bolzano August 2 – August 22, 2019

    Violin and cello, harp and lute, harpsichord and gamba: all of these instruments has a unique sound. One thing though they do have in common: they can be played “pizzicato” (plucked). For the first time the title of ANTIQUA takes inpiration from a performance tecnique to put together the mosaic of the program, which is dedicated to the plucked strings and their more famous performers.

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  • (c)Vincent Arbelet.png

    16 juillet au 11 août 2019

    Vézelay, basilique et Cité de la Voix - Fr
    Du mardi au dimanche | 16h basilique | 17h Cité de la Voix

    Chaque jour, un peu de musique à Vézelay ! Deux programmes différents présentés par les jeunes ensembles professionnels en résidence à la Cité de la Voix pendant une semaine : osez la découverte de ces nouveaux talents !

    · Du 16 au 21 juillet : Apotropaïk

    · Du 23 au 28 juillet : Ensemble Cosmos

    · Du 30 juillet au 4 août : Il Buranello

    · Du 6 au 11 août : La Fugitive

  • CMI

    Du 2 au 11 août 2019

    Le Festival BACH de Saint-Donat prend un nouvel élan dans sa programmation 2019. Animé par le CMI, Centre Musical International J.S. Bach, l’édition de cette année fait honneur à Bach autour de la thématique « Bach et l’esprit féminin » avec 7 programmes dédiés à l’interprétation de ses œuvres. Sous la direction artistique de Franck-Emmanuel Comte, Le festival accueillera une programmation variée et originale faisant la part belle à de jeunes solistes internationaux, talentueux et amoureux du répertoire de Bach, tel que Benjamin Allard, Magali Léger, Myriam Arbouz, Giuseppina Bridelli… et les ensembles La Chapelle Rhénane, Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu, le Consort Brouillamini...

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