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August 2017
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Monday 07 August 2017

  • Prague

    11 July - 7 August 2017


    Prague, Czech Republic

    SUMMER FESTIVITIES OF EARLY MUSIC are the largest and oldest continually running festival focusing on historical performing arts organised in Prague, Czech Republic. Since its establishment in 2000 it has become acknowledged for its carefully prepared, thematic programming and for the high level of performance guaranteed by some of the foremost specialists – instrumentalists and ensembles, vocal artists, conductors, dance and theatre companies – from various countries around the world.

    Many festival projects introduce historical music in modern Czech or world premieres. Owing to the presentation of interdisciplinary projects combining period music with baroque dance and theatre the undertaking is unique among early music festivals not only in the Czech Republic, but in the whole of Central Europe. Member of the European Early Music Network (REMA), the festival is the fruit of collaboration of many years’ standing with cultural institutes and transnational foundations. The organiser, Collegium Marianum, is an educational and cultural centre with 20 years of experience in the area of historical arts. Since 2000 the main focus of the organisation’s cultural activity has been the Summer Festivities of Early Music.


    TO DISCOVER the roots of European civilization

    TO ENHANCE public awareness of cultural values and the vividness of their heritage

    TO INSPIRE the broad public and to offer access to the cultural heritage in the international context through inspired programming and performance by some of the most prominent European artists

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  • BRQ Vantaa

    6-13 August 2017

    BRQ Vantaa

    Vantaa, Finland

    The most significant early music event in Finland, BRQ Vantaa Festival once again presents a programme bulging with internationally acknowledged musicians such as award-winning Ensemble Plus Ultra and distinguished Dutch fortepianist Bart van Oort. The festival programme includes plenty of vocal music performed by for example German vocal ensemble Stimmwerck, French soprano Emmanuelle de Negri and bass singer Wolf Matthias Friedrich accompanied by legendary Bruce Dickey and his ensemble. Besides vocal music, Spanish theorbist Daniel Zapico and vihuela virtuoso José Antonio Escobar will perform lute music in the festival. Also a premiere of a Finnish composer will be heard, as harpsichordist Matias Häkkinen will perform Juhani Nuorvala's 'Enharmonic suite for chromatic harpsichord' with a special built harpsichord that has 14 keys per octave. The idyllic venues of BRQ Vantaa Festival are the medieval Church of St. Lawrence and modern Chapel of St. Lawrence.

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  • sable

    16 septembre - 27 août 2017


    Sablé, France

    "L’Entracte, scène conventionnée Musiques anciennes, musique d'aujourd'hui, a pour mission l'organisation d'une saison pluridisciplinaire, du Festival de musiques actuelles Rockissimo et du Festival de Sablé. "

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  • Saintdonat2

    10 March 2017 - 2 December 2017


    Saint-Donat, France

    The festival has grown from 1962 around the renovation of the historic organ of collégiale. It is dedicated since its inception to the enhancement of the musical heritage of the eighteenth century. Vocal and instrumental baroque repertoire (especially organ music ) are interpreted on ancient instruments . From 2010 ,the festival produces also a musical season that continues along the year with four events, in spingtime, beginning of summer, autumn and christmass.

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European Day of Early Music - 6th Edition

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