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Via Mediæval Allemagne

Via Mediæval – Festival of Medieval Vocal Music in Romanesque Churches in the Rhineland-Palatinate/Germany

The festival “Via Mediæval”, which used to be named "Vokalmusik entlang der Romanischen Straße", presents an annual series with concerts of medieval vocal music in Romanesque Churches in the Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. With its exclusive focus on medieval music from the 9th to the 14th century our series is one of the very few festivals of this type in Germany as well as in Europe.

The festival started in 1999 with the motto “Rendevous with France” and from 2000-2003 cooperated with the festival “Voix et Route Romane” in France.

Since 2006 it is located in the southern part of the Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany.

The concerts are not presented at a single central location but at various places within the Rhineland-Palatinate region. Most of them are carefully selected beautiful Romanesque churches as f. ex. the Cathedral of Speyer or the Cistercian Abbey of Otterberg but also smaller and not so well-known churches.

Accordingly our concert programs mainly present sacred medieval music although secular music is not excluded.

Every year the festival selects a festival “motto” in December (chosen according to the festival motto of the “Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz”) and invites interested ensembles and performers to send proposals of programs fitting to the motto until end of January the following year.

The proposals are reviewed in February and 5 to 7 programs are chosen that fit best to the motto and are presented as concerts between end of August and early October every year. We also aim to find a good connection between the concert programs and the room where they take place. Every concert is accompanied by a carefully booklet containing program notes, texts and translations. All concerts are also presented on the festival’s website www.vokalmusik-romanische-st...

Within our festival we present worldwide known performers but also young ensembles who have interesting new approaches of interpretation and exciting programs.

Some of the performers of the last years we were proud of to presents as guests within our series : Red Byrd, Trio Mediaeval, Discantus, La Reverdie, Ordo Virtutum, Ensemble für Alte Musik Augsburg, Sarband, Gothic Voices, Les Haulz et les Bas, Benjamin Bagby, Heinvanker, Dialogos, John Potter.

Some of the festival’s mottos of the recent years : “Mystics and Minnesingers”, “Rebels, Reformers and Revolutionaries”, “ora et labora”, “Musica Britannica”, “Crossing Borders”.

The festival team is mainly made up of Holger Wittgen (project manager), Annette Herschelmann (administration, organization) at Mainz and Prof. Dr. Stefan Johannes Morent (artistic advisor) from Tuebingen University/Ensemble Ordo Virtutum.

Interested ensembles and performers are always welcome to contact the festival.

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Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.
Projektleitung Musik
Kaiserstraße 26-30
D-55130 Mainz


Program coordinators
Holger Wittgen
Annette Herschelmann
Tel. 0049 (0)6131/28838 15 or -20

Artistic director
Prof. Dr. Stefan Johannes Morent



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