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Journée Européenne de la Musique Ancienne Under the patronage of UNESCO

REMA - Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne

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Musica - Art and Musical Heritage Belgique

Musica is an ‘impulse-centre’ for music. We aim to offer a hand to people involved with music at any level. Musica offers a dynamic guide to professional musicians and music lovers, on their fascinating path between SoundArt (Klankkunst) and musical heritage, between experiment and tradition, between listening and creating.

Musica creates a musical surrounding for babies and toddlers of 0 to 3 years old and for their parents, careworkers and artists. The musical development of young children is being stimulated in a spontaneous manner.

Experienced artists guide children and youngsters in reflecting on sound and tone. They learn to listen differently and get a grip on how artistic ideas can grow and get to work with sound. They will get to work with sound.

Musica encourages young and old to discover the richness of sound and to handle it in an inventive way in the SoundArt (Klankkunst) route by means of a large number of projects. Artists, philosophers and pedagogues are stimulated to find new ways to unveil the vast character of sound and to learn to appreciate it.

Everyone can find something to their taste in the route Art and Musical Heritage, whether an interested listener or an internationally renowned artist. Musica challenges professional musicians, broadens the perspective of fans and stimulates young artists to consciously work with our musical heritage.

In a word, Musica stimulates the musical world on all levels and with effective means. Not as a pedantic institution, but by accompanying the public. Musica creates opportunities, supports and makes initiatives. In a word, indeed, an ‘impulse-centre’.

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Domein Dommelhof
5 B Toekomstlaan
3910 Neerpelt

E-mail : info@musica.be
Site Internet : http://www.musica.be

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