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Journée Européenne de la Musique Ancienne Under the patronage of UNESCO

REMA - Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne

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Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht Pays Bas

Utrecht Early Music Festival 2014 - Habsburg

Wien - Praha

August 29 – September 7

In 2014, the Festival theme will not focus on a particular place or time, but on a dynasty. The incredibly powerful Habsburg family ruled large parts of Europe, and their children were members of the highest nobility in Europe, during the period stretching from the Middle Ages until after the Baroque. The festival programme will focus on the Eastern regions within their sphere of influence : the area between the Baltic and Adriatic coasts, with Bohemia, Vienna and Salzburg inbetween, where many musical treasures are still to be discovered.

Key composers will be : Heinrich Isaac, Philippus de Monte, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber and Johann Joseph Fux.

Two very innovative musicians will be artist in residence with their ensembles : violinist and discoverer of unknown Austrian repertoire Gunar Letzbor will visit Utrecht again with Ars Antiqua Austria, and Václav Luks presents Prague music with his Collegium 1704.
The main event of 2014 will be the re-opening of TivoliVredenburg, the reconstructed Utrecht concert venue, but of course the Festival will also stay in the many beautiful churches and other historical locations in the centre of Utrecht. The new Vredenburg will, with its five music halls and welcoming foyers, also function as the new heart of the Utrecht Early Music Festival.

Programme and tickets are available on www.oudemuziek.nl

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